Glenn Scott – Founder

Glenn earned a Master of Science degree from the University of Manitoba that focused on climate change and meteorological research performed on the shores of Hudson Bay. Concurrent with the completion of his Master’s degree, he worked at the University of Alaska Fairbanks as a research technician and helped to develop and deploy climate change related projects in Russia and the North Slope of Alaska.

He drew heavily upon his experience living and working in remote communities and research stations to develop viable, cost-effective technical solutions to the problem of northern food insecurity. In 2014, he began the ‘AgriDome Feasibility Study on the campus of Yukon College with the support of the Yukon Research Centre – Cold Climate Innovations (YRC – CCI).  This study demonstrated the feasibility of growing vegetables and other produce using a vertical hydroponics system in a highly energy efficient dome. Expanding upon the lessons and success of that study, Glenn is presently embarking on the ‘PoultryPonics Project‘ in Hay River, NWT.