Northern Food Insecurity

food se·cu·ri·ty (noun) : the state of having reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.

Arctic communityThe Canadian North presently suffers from food insecurity and has a lack of accessibility to high quality food; The non-traditional food that is available must be shipped from the south at great expense to northern retailers and residents. The Canadian federal government has been mitigating food insecurity through the establishment of a program that heavily subsidizes the transportation costs of certain food items. This program presently transports 14 million kg of food to 140 isolated northern communities (90,000 people) in Nunavut, the Northwest Territories, Yukon Territory, Labrador and the northern reaches of Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. However, there is only marginal evidence that food costs have fallen for northern residents and this program is costing the Canadian taxpayer nearly $60 million per year.

The following external links outline the food security crisis in the North:

A Right to Eat: Families in isolated northern Manitoba communities fight to put healthy food on the table: www.cbc.ca/1.3124250

Posted by CBC Manitoba on Saturday, 8 August 2015


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I remember once what my grandpa said,,,he raised us on the land n in the bushes,and fed us off wild meat,berries ,n lotsa fish,,and also grew potatoes turnips n carrots n onions,as in u can't grow that much out in the open,,,one day u kids will be eating a lot of unhealthy foods n u guys will be sick,,,I never knew what he meant now I do ,obesity,diabetes,stomache aches heart disease n so on ,he spoke in his language i still understood him and he tried to teach us how to hunt n garden,,but the the next generation got lazy...I remember a lot of hard work,,,,but that was him feeding us from his hard working bleeding hands,,,I understand now Kimshoom ,,,most of us lost our ways ,,,,yes some ppl still live that way,,but too late for our next generation of children ,,,they won't eat it......sad but true.im happy I got a chance to be raised with my grandparents,,just thought I'd share....no rude comments please..just a nice story.... ...

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And with Prime Membership ...

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Arctic Bay need better manager! 🤒😷😱👎 ...

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Arviat food bank today, how much food does your town provide? ...

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