Northern Food Insecurity

High food prices are fueling a food insecurity crisis in the North.

Arctic communityThe Canadian North presently suffers from a lack of accessibility to high quality food and the non-traditional food that is available must be shipped from the south at great expense to northern retailers and residents. The Canadian federal government has been mitigating this problem through the establishment of a program that heavily subsidizes the transportation costs of certain food items. This program presently transports 14 million kg of food to 140 isolated northern communities (90,000 people) in Nunavut, the Northwest Territories, Yukon Territory, Labrador and the northern reaches of Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. However, there is only marginal evidence that food costs have fallen for northern residents and this program is costing the Canadian taxpayer nearly $60 million per year.

An alternative solution is to establish agricultural facilities in the North with the construction of greenhouses. Although there are presently greenhouses in operation in a few northern communities, they are not economically sustainable and require substantial government funding to operate on a seasonal basis. A key problem is the commercialization of agricultural facilities that will not only be profitable for investors, but able to meet the needs of small, northern communities.

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A Right to Eat: Families in isolated northern Manitoba communities fight to put healthy food on the table:

Posted by CBC Manitoba on Saturday, 8 August 2015

The technology and concepts exist to reduce the hardship of living and working in the North. It’s time to integrate these systems to provide a viable alternative for stakeholders in the North. Facebook Feed:

$21 for a can of potatoes +$5 NNC SUBSIDY.. Sealift has arrived and the cost of items are more expensive then ever! 😡😡😡 ...

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Cathy Phara shared Polar Industries Ltd.'s post to the group: Feeding My Family. ...

We are proud to make this announcement with our two partners. Polar will be broadcasting the press conference live tomorrow at 10am cst on here. Finally a solution for Churchill!!!

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I've been following this site for a few months now and I knew food was expensive in the north but this is insane!. I was in Newfoundland for two weeks this summer and nowhere on the island was food this expensive. It breaks my heart. My question is: how does the rest of Canada help those living in the north get A) better quality food, and B) more reasonably priced food? ...

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22 Cal. & 223 Rem. This is in Pangnirtung NU. How else more will the NWC steal from the northern most communities. ...

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I need to update you all on my other post about $31.99 vanilla, we contacted the northern north mart group and send them a msg about it, and this is what they had to say.
In the second picture will show the price as of this morning
the store lowed the price to $18.49 😊

**these two pics are also in the comment on my first post**

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